The Unified Customer View: Myth or Reality?

Much like the unicorn, the concept of the unified customer view still seems like a myth.

With the seemingly insurmountable influx of data from too many touch points to count, how do marketers ever understand their customer base and ideal prospect universe?

This is where third party data and analytics come in. Blending first party transactional and behavioral data with third party demographic and lifestyle data enables brands to see customers more clearly than ever before.

Loyalty Data
First Party Data from your customers’ ordering history and information you have collected over time only gives you one side of the customer story. Even if your organization collects website interactions, social media engagements, and in-store visits in addition to order history, your brand still knows very little about your customers’ lifestyle, family life, career and plans for the future.

Third Party Data
Appending your customer data with third party data bridges the divide to providing you a holistic view of your customers. Now you can see which customers went to college, which are home-owners, which have children, which are interested in travel, and which are most responsive to email. And now with transaction-level competitive spend data, you can even tell where else your customers spend money, how much and how often.

This unified customer view leads to better customer engagements as you can finally see who your customers really are and interact with them on their level. Integrating transactional data and third-party data allows marketers to truly understand their customers and begin coveted 1-to-1 interactions.

Customer Acquisition
And now that you have a better understanding of your current customers, how do you attract new customers with similar qualities? Predictive analytics. Advanced modeling techniques allow brands to predict buying behavior and identify their most high-value prospects, thereby leading to enhanced marketing ROI as brands can target those most responsive to their message.

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Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA