Use Digital Retargeting to Follow Lost Customers after Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Without fail, when I login to my Facebook account I start seeing ads for random items I’ve tapped into on another website: a makeup item, a newly-released book, or lately Nespresso’s have been following me everywhere.

I’ve quietly wanted a Nespresso ever since they released the latest version with an iPhone app. Chances are good that when the time is right, I’ll end up with one. How will I know when the time is right? I’ll see an ad about a sale on my Facebook! Since website visitors who are retargeted with ads are 70% more likely to convert, I’ll probably end buying my Nespresso from Williams-Sonoma.

Digital Retargeting Following Black Friday

Although some people will cause stampedes and camp out in front of stores for Black Friday, it’s beginning to look a lot like Cyber Monday. Lots of sales are taking place online throughout Black Friday, which means it’s a great opportunity for digital retargeting.

When a customer decides not to buy something, you can reel them back in for Cyber Monday by making sure that product follows them around all weekend. Retargeting helps keep that wanted item top-of-mind in between two huge shopping days.

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Digital Retargeting Tuesday

Another great way to recapture your abandoning site visitors is by planning for digital Retargeting Tuesday, the day after Cyber Monday (also known in some circles as #GivingTuesday). By planning ahead you can find the customers who didn’t make a purchase and continue marketing to them in the following days.

With retargeting in place, 26% percent of users who’ve abandoned a cart return to complete the purchase. This makes retargeting a great investment for any marketing teams hoping to make the most of the holidays and is a valuable benefit for clients with Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaigns coming up.

If you’re looking to double-up your digital efforts with an email campaign, don’t forget to use retargeting then too! Part of the reason ad retargeting works so well is due to the “Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon”, a principle of psychology that means once something is on your radar, you start to notice it all over the place. With this, something you can take advantage of is that people actually prefer to see a product that they’ve already looked at on your site when they open an email.

So, if you lose someone, add the product they were viewing to the next email you send out and you’re more likely to get a response. Follow it up with retargeting ads on websites they’re visiting and you’re even more likely to get a purchase.

If digital retargeting sounds like something that would benefit your marketing strategy, remember that we’re here to help! Our digital experts at AccuData Integrated Marketing can help directly target IP’s so you can deliver ads right to your audience. Contact us today to learn more.


Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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