Creating Specialized Lists with Custom Data Processing

When your campaign objectives require sophisticated targeting beyond that of a traditional list offering, AccuData can support the creation of a custom direct marketing list. Our team will expertly craft a project plan that employs a combination of data processing services to combine, manipulate, and transform data from disparate sources into a highly-customized, solution-oriented list.

Data Processing Services

AccuData offers the following services to help you create a custom list to appropriately reach your target audience:

A/B Splits:

Segment your data files to specific groups in order to explore versioning and optimization of your creative, copy, and offer.


Determine where common records exist between multiple input files and isolate those records into one unique file.


Remove name, address, telephone, and/or email records that appear in multiple occurrences within your input files.


Apply a unique identifier to each record on your input file so that their origin/significance can easily be acknowledged.

File Conversion / Reformatting:

Convert data files into your desired format; apply of casing and name/address parsing to data columns as needed.

Merge / Purge:

Identify and eliminate duplicate records that exist between multiple files; retain unique records based on your established priority.


Apply latitude and longitude coordinates to the addresses in your database and utilize that intelligence to create custom marketing footprints and multi-radius pulls.


Separate data elements like full names and addresses from one data column into multiple fields.

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Why Create a Custom List?

For data-driven marketers, the way you can manipulate a file to meet your needs can make the difference between successful campaigns that keep your clients returning year after year, or a low-performing campaign that drives clients to competitors. While some of these services are simply “shoulds” – as in, you definitely should remove duplicates and save your clients money – other items can help you make the most of your marketing budget and create value for your clients.

Segmentation can be accomplished in a variety of ways, whether it is sending different offers to Millennials vs. Baby Boomers in your audience or it is identify high-purchasing customers to offer them higher value products and then sending the remaining audience lower-priced products. Either way, segmentation is about increasing response and getting better results. Similarly, applying a key-code to your marketing tactics can help you identify which are getting the best response, helping prove ROI to clients and giving you feedback about winning strategies.

AccuData’s knowledgeable data experts have worked with small and large businesses for more than 25 years, helping you get the best results for each client. Talk to us today about our additional demographic data, our custom list options and any other strategies that can help get you better results!

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