Target Real People in Households using IP Targeting and Businesses with Digital Display Ads

Gain new customers, build brand awareness, and enhance multi-channel campaigns with data-driven digital solutions from AccuData Integrated Marketing.

What is a Display Ad?

A display ad is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, audio, and video to communicate an advertising message.

Digital Display Advertising

Directly target your most sought-after B2C and B2B customers and prospects online by matching their IP address to their physical address. Direct IP targeting will display banner ads to a specific household or business, in a given location, based on their IP address — think “direct mail” but delivered digitally. This type of audience targeting can actually achieve 100% reach and zero budget waste. Additionally, AccuData offers IP retargeting to allow you to create robust multi-channel campaigns to maximize response rates for your clients.

Leverage the largest opt-in advertising network of 800 million IP addresses matched to more than 200 million postal locations.

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Out of Home IP Targeting

Using Out of Home targeting, you’ll be able to continue marketing to specific devices while they are at home, at work or traveling nationwide. Target specific laptops, desktops and smart devices anywhere, anytime for cookie-less remarketing.
Marketers can add frequency to their audiences’ devices once they leave the home. Using AccuData’s Out of Home IP targeting, you decide who you advertise to, where you advertise and on what device you target your desired audience.

Large Venue IP Targeting

Take your message directly to the largest captive audience imaginable — sports fans, concert goers, and college campuses! With AccuData’s Large Venue IP Targeting, you can deliver highly relevant online display ads to any mobile device while your target audience is connected to an arena, convention center, hotel, or school’s Wi-Fi. Drive booth traffic at a conference, reach students on a university campus, or advertise your store/restaurant location to an entire sports arena — the possibilities are endless!

Venue Replay

Venue Replay allows you to reach a specific target audience that’s visited a venue but is no longer at that site. This new technology allows you to map a venue and identify any current or past laptops, tablets or mobile devices and continue to target them even after they leave the area. Digital banner ads can be served to their homes or offices across all of their devices without the use of cookies.

Email + Display for a Multichannel Approach

Add a digital display campaign to your email deployments.! We’ll combine banner ad delivery with your email campaigns to create stunningly visual connections to your target audience. You have the option to target your entire email list or just the active openers. Once your email campaign deploys, your targeted audience will begin receiving display ads on the sites they visit while online. This allows for a strong visual recall of your email message that will continue to resonate with your audience. IP retargeting is proven to help increase response rates from prospects and help you reach the number of touch points needed to create conversions.

Need Help Creating Your Digital Ad?

Let our creative development team design your banner ads for you! Using our industry best practices, we’ll work with you on copywriting, image selection, and branding to create banners that grab attention and captivate your audience. Whether you want display ads only or also need help to optimize your email sends, our digital experts can assist you with meeting your goals!

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