Deploy Campaigns with Concierge Email Services

Your emails are designed, deployed and tracked through AccuData Integrated Marketing’s concierge email services, featuring AimConnect. AimConnect, our proprietary customer engagement platform, was designed by marketers for marketers.
Our digital experts provide thoughtful consultation to design the most accurate, effective and engaging emails, keeping your end-goals in mind. We then deploy your email on the best day and time for your industry.

AccuData’s concierge email services include:

  • Campaign consultation
  • List Selection & Preparation
  • A/B/C/D Split Testing
  • Personalization
  • HTML Email Creative Design and Development
  • Mobile Responsive Design & Delivery Optimizations
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Scheduling Based on Time Zone

If you want to provide better results and increased revenue for you or your client’s campaigns, the investment in making sure you have the best email design possible is well worth it.

email design servicesEmail Design Conversion, Email Mobile Responsive Design and More Best Practices

Our team of digital experts will help you get the most out of every marketing campaign! Converting a direct mail piece into an email or even a digital ad can help you reach your target audience and keep your offer top-of-mind.

Using multi-channel strategies is a proven technique to increase ROI on marketing campaigns and creates a higher conversion rate – with AccuData’s help, it’s easy!

Additionally, when you use our team for your email design we’ll ensure that it meets the high expectations that consumers have for emails today – including email design that is mobile responsive. People simply expect more out of emails now, so it pays to let the experts handle the hard work of making sure that you have a high-performing campaign.

Our seasoned professionals can help you maximize your email strategy in other ways as well, including providing you with accurate reporting for every campaign.

Measure Success with Campaign Reporting

Campaign results are critical and with that in mind, real-time results and reporting are available 24/7 through AimConnect. These reports provide deep insight into the success of your campaign and include valuable consumer online behavior that will help you plan future initiatives.

Available analytics include:

  • Open and Click Rates
  • High Deliverability and Sender Reputation
  • Unsubscribes/Opt Outs
  • Spam Reports & Blocked Content
  • Soft and Hard Bounces
  • Duplicate Email Addresses
  • Clicks by Link

Download Solution Sheet PDF

Additional Email Marketing Solutions

If you want to further drive results and enable your email marketing campaign to succeed, AccuData also offers a suite of email solutions to help!

Here are a few additional tools available from AccuData:

  • Email Listening: Track the online clicks of your target audience and send them a relevant email message in real-time
  • Email Enhanced: Get a guaranteed 2% click-through rate for your next email campaign
  • Email with Retargeting: Increase responses by adding digital retargeting to your email blasts

If you’re interested in any of the these more advanced email strategies for improving results and driving conversions, please contact us today to learn more and set-up your first campaign!

AccuData also specializes in providing the data you need to build better campaigns – whether postal or email – so don’t forget to ask our experts about making sure your list is the best.

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