What Is Our Email Database Management System?

We provide the infrastructure to house, organize, and analyze your data. Our database technology, also known as AccuBase, gives you a unified view of your customers by collecting data, then giving you the ability to use that data to run reports on your customers’ behaviors. The business intelligence obtained through these reports helps better direct your marketing campaigns.

How Does Our Solution Support Your Marketing Efforts?

Our database technology empowers you to develop, execute, and track multi-channel marketing campaigns on demand. Managing multiple marketing campaigns can be a tricky situation. Compound it with multiple users and you’ve got yourself quite the conundrum. Customize our database solutions to fit your most basic to most intricate marketing needs. Whether you are a small business seeking to send customer emails quickly and easily, or a large powerhouse wishing you had a unified view of all campaigns across all brands, we have the solution for you.

AccuBase Database Technology Benefits

  • Link information from disparate sources/capture points
  • Provide complete access to data for analysis/research
  • Improve overall data quality with scheduled updates
  • Deploy effective, targeted campaigns
  • Track results with detailed reporting
  • Enable multi-channel marketing

See how it works!

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