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How can custom email lists and postal lists improve your customer acquisition?

How can custom lists improve your customer acquisition?


Custom prospect lists help brands identify and reach new customers. Modern marketers are well aware that data-based marketing reigns supreme, and custom list building is at the heart of data-driven customer acquisition.

Custom list-building involves examining business-to-business and business-to-consumer data to build a brand’s ideal target audience. By using only best-in-class datasets, AccuData enables marketers to successfully connect with their ideal audience.


Email lists and postal lists are essential for effective marketing.


Let’s examine both Email Lists and Postal Lists:

Email Lists: These lists empower your team to conduct direct email marketing, accessing up-to-date, verified, opt-in email addresses to which to send communications.

Postal Lists: Custom postal lists empower your team to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns in a more efficient manner, only sending communications to relevant audiences with verified addresses.

Custom lists identify those most likely to respond positively to your communications. This not only increases your chances of successfully acquiring customers, but also decreases your marketing spend as you’re not chasing unqualified leads.


How can AccuData help build your custom email lists and postal lists?

How can AccuData Integrated Marketing help build your audience?


The AccuData team understands the intersection of data and direct marketing. Our experts have crafted custom, targeted direct marketing lists for our clients for 30 years and counting.

Beginning with direct mail marketing and now including a variety of digital marketing channels, our tenured team has years of real-world data-driven direct marketing experience. We offer a variety of custom data solutions to design your target audience. And we also provide unrivaled access to data via our exclusive list-building platform.

With these services, we can craft the ideal audience for highly effective outreach. Continue reading to explore our list-building services further.


Consider these solutions to craft your custom email lists and postal lists.

Custom Data Solutions to Design Your Target Audience


Access multi-source list selection to build your email lists and postal lists.

Multi-Source List Selection

Our exclusive multi-source selection technology, SourcePLUS, gives your team access to four leading consumer datasets at once. The goal of SourcePLUS is to provide a simple way to increase record counts without having to manage multiple data vendors, net name arrangements, or additional run charges. You can also fully customize your SourcePLUS experience with demographic, lifestyle, and geo-targeting information.

This product offers an average lift of 20%, but many of our clients see upwards of 50% with the addition of the new datafile. End list fatigue and add more records with SourcePLUS.

Learn more about SourcePLUS here.


Have on-demand access to databases to build your email lists and postal lists.

On-Demand Access to Leading Databases

Our best-in-class marketing list building platform, AccuLeads, gives your team access to more than a billion consumer and business records.

This proprietary online platform provides on-demand access to the nation’s leading compiled consumer data sources. AccuLeads features sophisticated mapping capabilities for geo-targeting, customer file suppression, data enhancement services, customer profiling abilities, and even predictive modeling.

You simply choose a database from the dozens that are available, define your market area, apply demographic and psychographic filters, and purchase the records that make up your ideal prospect audience. This consumer data, resident/occupant data, business data, and targeted data is available online to your team at any time.

Learn more about AccuLeads here.


Use B2B and B2C data to create email lists and postal lists.

Craft Effective Email and Postal Lists with B2B and B2C Data

We’ve discussed a general overview of custom list building and some of the resources we provide to assist your team with the process.

These types of data can be used to build your email lists and postal lists.

Now, let’s discuss the specific types of B2B and B2C data available to your team to build effective email and postal audiences.


Consumer Data

Consumer data enables the targeting of economically active prospects and can be purchased based on the demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic attributes of your choosing. You can discover the ideal prospects for your brand based on what consumers are shopping for, what they’re experiencing in their lives, and their demographics.

AccuData offers access to the nation’s top 4 compiled consumer data sources: Compact Consumer PLUS, Acxiom InfoBase®, Epsilon TotalSource Plus™, and KBM Group AmeriLINK®. Available on AccuLeads.


Resident/Occupant Data

Maximize reach as you optimize postal discounts with a data source that is designed specifically for geographical saturation. This data is ideal for small businesses looking to target local households. Available on AccuLeads.


Business Data

With business data, you can market to business buyers that perfectly align with your product or service offerings. Identify your ideal business audience using business classification tools and relevant firmographics to find businesses that are a good fit for your company. Available on AccuLeads.


Real Property Data

If you’re targeting an audience of deed-verified homeowners, real property data empowers you to discover those individuals and their primary addresses. This dataset uses mortgage attributes and property characteristics. Available on AccuLeads.


Hotline Files

Hotline data empowers you to target new homeowners and movers. These files provide the freshest data on consumers that have recently experienced an impactful life event so your team can contact them with information about your relevant products and services. Available on AccuLeads.


Specialty Data

Traditional B2C and B2B data offerings are valuable, but there are times where a product or service offering is so specialized that general attributes are not enough to discover the ideal audience. AccuData can provide highly-focused prospect segments based on niche attributes to enable the targeting of very specific prospect audiences.


Response Data

Identify prospects based on their activities, affinities, and spending characteristics with lists built around recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) data. With RFM data, rest assured that you’re building marketing campaigns targeting the most qualified prospects that are also likely to respond.


Lifestyle Data

Personalization is paramount in modern marketing. With self-reported lifestyle attributes, including hobbies, interests, and preferences, you can personalize your marketing messaging to best appeal to the prospects you’re targeting. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.


Donor Data

Nonprofits need to make the most efficient use of their marketing spend. With donor data, organizations can identify individual prospects based on their past donation history. Then, they can launch targeted direct marketing efforts to best reach these prospective givers. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads. Click here to learn more about AccuData’s nonprofit solutions.


Ailment Data

With self-reported ailment data, you can identify prospective customers based on the ailments, conditions, and health-related needs present in specific households. This enables the targeting of highly responsive audiences for your health-related products and services. Click here to download our Product Sheet on Health, Ailment, and Condition Data.


Educational Data

Educational data empowers you to identify and reach decision-makers related to your educational products or services. You can reach educators based on the grade or subjects they teach, key decision-makers within educational institutions, or even students.


Modeled Credit Data

Understand which prospects are most likely to forge long-term, profitable relationships with your business. Modeled credit data allows you to discover those most likely to pay debts that arise as well as households with unique credit needs. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.


Transactional, Competitive Spend Data

With transactional, competitive spend data, you can target consumers based on their purchase history and behavior— including their transactional history with key competitors. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.

For more information on the above datasets, download our Dataset Overview here.


Use custom email lists and postal lists for multichannel marketing.

Identify and Reach New Customers with Multichannel Solutions

While we’ve discussed custom list building in the context of building direct mail and email audiences, modern marketing has expanded beyond those two formats. Digital marketing is rising in popularity as we all spend more time connecting via tech devices.

In response, AccuData can provide the data for effective addressable and location-based targeting as well. Learn more in our comprehensive guide to digital marketing and contact the AccuData team for more information.

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