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We know data and direct marketing – our experts have worked on crafting perfect direct marketing lists for our clients for 30 years. Allow our expert team to design a custom, targeted audience for your next marketing campaign.

In addition to providing unrivaled access to targeted consumer and business data, we offer the following unique solutions:

Email, IP, and Device Targeting Abilities:
Modern consumers are more likely to convert via multichannel marketing. We offer email address, IP address, and device ID matches to our postal files for precise targeting of your ideal prospects.

Multi-Source List Selection:
Increase record count significantly with our exclusive multi-source selection technology, SourcePLUS. While this product offers an average lift of 20%, many of our clients see upwards of 50% lift with the addition of a new file. SourcePLUS was designed specifically with our clients’ needs in mind as it provides a simple way to increase record counts without having to manage multiple data vendors.

End list fatigue and add more records with SourcePLUS, exclusively at AccuData.

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Online Access:
Gain access to more than a billion records via our best-in-class marketing list building platform, AccuLeads. Our proprietary online platform provides unparalleled, on-demand access to the nation’s leading compiled consumer and data sources. AccuLeads provides sophisticated mapping capabilities for precise geo-targeting, customer file suppression, data enhancement services, customer profiling abilities, and predictive modeling. Discounted pricing available for our Reseller Partners.

Access consumer data, resident/occupant data, business data, and targeted data online, 24/7. Register now to get started!

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Reach New Customers with Targeted B2C and B2B Data

AccuData enables marketers to expand their reach and engage with new audiences. Our tenured team has years of real-world direct marketing experience and is ready to provide objective data recommendations. Allow us to listen to your needs and provide guidance to help you optimize your campaign – direct mail, telemarketing, email, or digital.

Consumer Data:

Reach economically active consumers with a variety of demographic, lifestyle, and psychographic attributes available to craft the ideal prospecting list. AccuData offers unrivaled access to the nation’s top 5 compiled consumer data sources: Compact Consumer PLUS, Acxiom InfoBase®, Epsilon TotalSource Plus™, and KBM Group AmeriLINK®. Available on AccuLeads.

Resident/Occupant Data:
Maximize reach as you optimize postal discounts with a data source that is designed specifically for geographical saturation. Available on AccuLeads.

Business Data:
Leverage business classification tools and relevant firmographics to identify businesses that are a good fit for your product and service offerings. Available on AccuLeads.

Real Property Data:
Utilize numerous mortgage attributes and property characteristics to target deed-verified homeowners at their primary address. Available on AccuLeads.

Hotline Files:
Access the freshest data on consumers who have recently experienced an impactful life event with hotline solutions that target new homeowners and new movers. Available on AccuLeads.

Specialty Data:
Advance your targeting efforts beyond traditional B2C and B2B data offerings with highly focused prospect segments that are based on niche attributes.

Response Data:
Identify prospects based on activities, affinities, and spending characteristics with lists that are built around recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) data.

Lifestyle Data:
Personalize your marketing message with the use of self-reported lifestyle attributes including hobbies, interests, and preferences. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.

Donor Data:
Identify and target individuals based on donor history. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.

Ailment Data:
Connect with a highly responsive audience that has self-reported information on ailments, conditions, and health-related needs present in the household.

Educational Data:
Reach educators based on grade or subject taught as well as other key decision-makers within the educational industry; student data is also available.

Modeled Credit Data:
Gain valuable insight into which consumers are the most likely to forge long-term, profitable relationships with your business. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.

Transactional, Competitive-Spend Data:
Target consumers based on purchase history and behavior, including transactional history with competing brands. Available in our consumer files within AccuLeads.

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