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More than 30 years ago, AccuData emerged as a direct marketing company specializing in acquisition marketing. Evolving with the times, our data experts and high-end creative team now produce high-performing, high-converting email marketing campaigns for your loyalty (and acquisition) needs.

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What is loyalty email marketing?

What is loyalty email marketing?

Loyalty email marketing describes campaigns with the goal of retaining and re-engaging current customers. This is done by rewarding them for past interactions and brand loyalty.

There are a variety of reasons why brands choose to conduct loyalty email marketing. For example:

It helps to build brand reputation. By sending loyalty emails, you’ll be known for valuing existing customers and providing perks for loyalty.

It can boost company growth. It’s significantly more efficient to retain existing customers than to discover and steward new ones. With loyalty email marketing, you can remain relevant for existing customers and express your appreciation to retain them as you grow your list.

It can increase conversions. Rather than customers investing in your offerings once or twice, you can re-engage them with new opportunities to continue their purchases going forward.

However, this isn’t as simple as sending product updates to past customers. Let’s look at a few strategies that your team can use to send more effective loyalty emails.

Explore these best practices for acquisition and loyalty email marketing.

Best Practices for Loyalty Email Marketing

When it comes to sending loyalty emails, the goal is to reflect the customer’s past interactions while encouraging them to return going forward. Here are a few strategies to do so:

Send thank-you emails. As soon as a customer purchases your offerings, follow-up with a thank you email expressing gratitude for their patronage.

Provide perks for top customers. For customers that have regularly supported your brand, provide perks and incentives for future engagement. Discount codes and early previews work great for this!

Avoid sending generic emails. Base your emails on past data about that client, personalizing it by reflecting the existing relationship.

Get feedback from loyal customers. Consider sending surveys and soliciting feedback to continue improving your email offerings going forward. What do they want to hear from you and how often?

Maintaining an existing relationship with a customer requires a strong campaign strategy. That’s where the team at AccuData can help.

Review AccuData's loyalty email marketing soluions.

Loyalty Email Marketing Solutions

Our loyalty email marketing solutions are designed to maintain your database over time, ensuring that most accurate, up-to-date information is available. Then, in addition to creating campaigns based on this data, we can manage them over time to continue ongoing success.

Over time, addresses, names, and communication preferences change. With the following solutions, your team can stay ahead of any shifts:

Email Append Solutions. According to industry experts, email marketing databases naturally degrade by about 22.5% each year. Effectively connect with your customers in their inbox by appending email addresses to your customer database. AccuData’s Email Append solution uses only the highest quality email sources and a multi-pass process to provide a match rate that can’t be beat. Learn more here.

Data management. This includes ongoing data hygiene, segmentation, and personalization. With this solution, the information on which you base your email marketing campaigns will always be accurate and relevant.

Campaign management. Campaign automation can be a challenge for many marketers, regardless of how necessary it is. Our team can automate your campaign in an intuitive manner, making any adjustments needed as your campaign progresses.

Ongoing loyalty campaign maintenance can be a hindrance for modern marketers, although it’s easily one of the most important email efforts you can conduct. When working with AccuData, much of that challenge is abated.

Learn more about AccuData's acquisition and loyalty email marketing services.

Learn More About AccuData’s Loyalty Email Marketing

Our email list building and creative services can be fully customized to meet your business’s unique needs. To learn more, contact the AccuData team today.

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