Email Database Management Services

You’ve invested time and valuable dollars toward the creation of an email marketing database. To ensure that the email data performs at its best, it needs to be properly maintained. AccuData can help you optimize your email management initiatives with a variety of tools designed to increase delivery to the inbox, identify alternative contact points, and more. As a result, you’ll see an overall improvement in customer engagement.

See the Options to Update Your Email Marketing Database


Increase your chance of deliverability to the inbox by identifying problematic and undeliverable email addresses within your marketing file. Remove spam, invalid addresses and other problems from your email lists.
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Email Append:

Identify email addresses for your customers and confirm their desire to receive email communications with an opt-in permission email.
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Email Reactivate:

Re-engage customers that have become inactive and/or unresponsive by contacting them at an alternative verified email address. Never lose touch again!
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Reverse Email Append:

Optimize your email marketing file for multi-channel campaigns with the addition of contact names and postal addresses matched to existing email addresses. See how to improve your response rate today!
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Why Should You Manage Your Email Data?

Your database of loyal customers and prospects is one of the most valuable tools you have at your disposal as a marketer. No doubt it has taken your company years to build-up a following and subscribe many people to your email campaigns, so it’s an asset you simply can’t waste.

Managing your email database the right way means creating segmented audiences for higher responses, planning loyalty campaigns to your most eager followers, and other marketing tactics that can help increase revenue.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with a properly-managed email marketing database:

  • Identify and reach former customers who may now use a different email address than the one currently in your system
  • Reach your customers and prospects more easily, knowing you have the right email to reach them
  • Plan multi-channel campaigns to reach and engage prospects, creating higher conversions than when you send direct mail or emails alone
  • Get email addresses for your current customers to contact them with coupons, loyalty campaigns and more tactics

While keeping up your email database may seem like a lot of work, the data experts at AccuData can offer a variety of tools and resources to help you reach your customers and prospects more effectively.

Our data experts can even build customer databases to make your marketing management seamless – find out more about our database options today!

If you’re interested in having an AccuData expert reach out to you discuss the best solution for you, simply contact us and we can help you get started on the way to better email marketing and better database management!