Ending List Fatigue

Prolific mailers often choose a list provider, but over time they may experience decreased deliverability and response rates. The practice of using a single list can also prove restrictive from a volume perspective as one provider usually doesn’t house all available records. AccuData can revitalize your direct mail campaigns with SourcePlus®, our proprietary multi-list selection technology.

Find Unique Records and Increase Your
Marketing Universe

Today’s data aggregators and compilers are working with an unprecedented volume of information. This information is being compiled from a unique blend of sources that range from readily-available public records to more boutique origins. The sources used by a given compiler quite frequently attribute not only to the strength of the data, but the volume of records that is available. However vast as these direct marketing lists are, no single vendor carries all available records.

By looking at data across multiple vendors, we can significantly increase the volume of available records. SourcePlus, AccuData’s propriety list selection technology, is designed to use the mailer’s geographic and demographic criteria to identify unique records within leading direct marketing files. By using SourcePlus, mailers will typically see a volume increase of 20% over a single-source list.

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