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Is your organization developing clear vision in 2020?

Only with immaculate data can you see your donors clearly and garner the actionable insights needed to take your organization to the next level.

For 20/20 vision in 2020, get started with a free consultation with a data-driven fundraising expert.

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AccuData has served the nonprofit community with exclusive products and services since 2001. With deep roots in data and data-related services, AccuData powers development professionals with the tools and insight they need to see their current and prospective supporters more clearly. Take advantage of our full suite of products, real-world experience, and expert consultation.

For well-defined prospect audiences and high-performing acquisition campaigns, start with analytics. Our fundraising analytics products enable development professionals a deeper understanding of their most valuable donors and a clearer picture of their most desirable supporters. And the best part: no experience needed! Our data scientists are here to walk you through the process and uncover hidden insights.

AccuData Powers Fundraising Success

Full Suite of Targeted Data Solutions

AccuData enables intelligent fundraising with a full suite of data hygiene, enhancement, and batch update solutions to ensure you reach the right supporters with your appeals.

Wealth Screening & Fundraising Analytics

Target your fundraising efforts on those with the greatest capacity to give and the highest likelihood to support your mission.

End-To-End Campaign Management

From concept to reporting, our team manages email campaigns, digital advertising campaigns, and comprehensive multichannel programs for high-performing online development efforts.

A Data-Savvy Extension of Your Team

Our team of fundraising experts will guide you through the data-driven fundraising process, from managing data hygiene and enhancement to identifying giving potential.

The Benefits of Keeping Clean Supporter Data are Crystal Clear

As the world changes and consumer privacy concerns heighten, it’s crucial that organizations take control of their donor databases. Watch this 60-second video from Shawn Dolan on the importance of maintaining pristine supporter data.

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