Find New Prospects with Email Lists

Reach people where they look most frequently – their email inbox! Email has the highest ROI for marketers with an average of $38 return for every dollar spent. The most important piece of any email marketing campaign is where and how you build your lists. AccuData’s email data makes it easy for you to create email lists that drive results!

Accuire Mail features 145 million B2C email addresses and the file is growing weekly. AccuData owns and maintains this national consumer email file. You can easily create lists for your campaigns or for email appending. Accuire Mail uses only confirmed opt-in email addresses from hundreds of online sources to help you create email lists. All email recipients have given permission to receive third-party marketing.

AccuData updates the Accuire Mail file each month using a special method. This method identifies email address usage with frequency and recency indicators. Using Accuire Mail to build your email lists means getting the highest quality and best response rates! Additionally, each email is checked through AccuValid, and opt-out requests are processed immediately.

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AccuData offers robust data options for you to send to targeted email lists of consumers or businesses, meeting the needs of each campaign for your clients. If you need to reach the same people you’re targeting via postal, this email data can help create multi-channel campaigns for higher conversions to help you reach your goals. It’s also the most popular way to reach consumers of all generations, making it more likely that they will see and respond to your next campaign!

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See the Options for Creating Your Email Addresses List

Select from hundreds of consumer attributes to create your email list:

  • Geographic Area
  • Adult Age
  • Gender
  • Behavioral Data
  • Home Ownership
  • Marital Status
  • Education
  • Interests and Hobbies

Need Help with Your Email Marketing?

If email marketing campaigns aren’t your version of easy street, don’t worry – we can help you with creating and sending your campaigns. AccuData makes it simple by providing the email data you need to develop the best audience and by allowing simple print-to-email conversions that can help you get the same message to prospects using email that you’re sending out to homes. Our digital experts can also work with your email designs to make sure they are mobile-friendly and ready to get the best responses possible.

To learn more about all the options we offer to assist with creating an email campaign (beyond our amazing data) please click here!