Webinar: Watch as we Demystify the Data

If you missed our webinar this week, co-presented by adaptive messaging platform Cordial, have no fear. You can view it here!

Our expert panel included AccuData Integrated Marketing’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Accounts, Ed Giordano, and Cordial’s Director of Channel Growth & Development, Allison Kelly.

Prompted by both Cordial and AccuData’s client experiences with managing behavioral and third party data for superior customer experiences, we joined forces to explain how to properly blend the appropriate data to intelligently act on all you know about your customers.

Watch our recorded webinar for strategies to boost customer engagement, overcome technology barriers, and bring humanity back to marketing:
• Develop insights from cross-channel and cross-device behaviors
• Blend data to successfully develop personas and segmentation
• Apply predictive analytics to identify new prospects
• Build brand awareness and loyalty using a Unified Customer View

Be sure to reach out if you have specific questions after watching. We’ll put you in touch with one of our data experts who will help you rally your data for actionable insights.