Reach New Audiences and Engage Customers by Advertising in Social Media

Gain cost-effective screen time among consumers that are increasingly digital and spending more time on social media ― an average of 40 minutes a day! With Social Media Direct Response Advertising, your ad is shown to highly customizable and segmented audiences for a true extension of your marketing campaigns. Get your message noticed time and time again through Facebook advertising and matching Instagram advertising. AccuData Integrated Marketing manages all aspects of your campaign and pushes your ad front and center of your desired audience.

Target Custom Audiences Using Facebook Advertising

Reach both current and prospective customers through Facebook advertising. Using a proprietary matching methodology, we can match your existing customer list to their Facebook profiles and deliver ads directly to their desktop or mobile NewsFeed. We can also create highly segmented and customized audiences for your ads using a multitude of Facebook’s demographic, behavioral and interest data. This strategy allows you to tap into more than 1.5 billion prospects.

Reasons to Use Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising not only increases brand awareness but also has the ability to capture real-time leads!

  • Increase website and landing page traffic
  • Generate and collect new leads at the click of a button
  • Drive foot traffic to your brick and mortar location
  • Promote coupon and offer redemption
  • Get new App installs
  • Gain new Facebook followers
  • Raise brand awareness

“AccuData has improved Rib City’s social media presence, assisted us in engaging more frequently with our customers and has increased the traffic not only to our website, but also to our new mobile app. I am extremely pleased with the results that AccuData has provided Rib City and look forward to a prosperous relationship.”

Beth Watson, Director of Marketing
Rib City

Instagram Advertising Provides Additional Reach

Over 400 million users have Instagram accounts. Add that to the 1.5 billion people on Facebook and you have yourself a juggernaut of social reach. Facebook’s ownership of Instagram allows AccuData to integrate Instagram placement seamlessly with a highly targeted Facebook campaign. AccuData can reach your audience on the two most prominent social channels. Don’t have an Instagram account? No problem! We can use your Facebook profile for Instagram placement. (Ask us how!)

Campaign Management Made Easy

AccuData will manage your social ad campaign from start to finish. We’ll work with you on ad creation and messaging, audience selection, campaign onboarding and setup, and keep your ads looking fresh! Your bids are optimized for the best placement and largest reach based on your campaign goals. Whether you want to reach as many new faces as possible, or increase clicks to your landing page, we’ll choose the strategy that best suits your needs. AccuData’s continual campaign management including headline and graphic changes prevent your ads from going stale over the life of your campaign. You’ll also receive periodic updates on the progress of your campaign from our Digital Solutions team. See how one marketing agency utilized AccuData’s full service capabilities to create a winning social campaign!

Need Help Creating Your Digital Ad?

Let our creative development team design your Facebook advertising campaign for you! Using our industry best practices, we’ll work with you on copywriting, picture selection, and branding to create an ad that garners approval through Facebook’s stringent graphics policy.

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