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Data Hygiene Services

Cleaning Customer Data

You’re preparing a direct marketing campaign and your data needs to perform at the highest level possible so that your message is delivered.  Before mailing, utilize AccuData’s full suite of data hygiene and suppression services to ensure that the addresses on your customer file are accurate and meet current postal guidelines.  In turn, you’ll benefit from maximized postal discounts, higher deliverability rates, and increased responses.

Standardize addresses in order to meet USPS® requirements while benefiting from the correction of Zip Codes and the addition of key address elements.
Improve the deliverability of your mailings by validating individual delivery points, identifying business from residential addresses, and more.
Identify addresses that have been converted by local authorities as well as those that have been renamed or renumbered.
Ensure Move Update compliance when you receive new addresses for individuals, families, and businesses that have moved in the last 48 months.
Identify the names and addresses of consumers who have registered with the Direct Marketing Association to eliminate direct mail solicitations.
Identify the telephone numbers of consumers who have registered with the National Do Not Call list to prevent telephone-based solicitations.
Eliminate the names and addresses of consumers where a bankruptcy, judgment, or tax lien is present in the household.
Remove deceased individuals from your mailings prior to a promotion to prevent unwanted mail from being delivered to the decedent’s family.
Remove addresses that are associated with Federal Prisons, State Prisons, County Correctional facilities, and city jails throughout the United States.
Prevent the names and addresses of known minor children (under the age of 18) from being included on your direct mail file

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