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  • Get free, unlimited counts and 24/7 access to consumer and business records in one convenient location
  • Gain a better view of leading compiled list sources and purchase your leads online
  • Use the latest mapping technology to better target your campaigns

Data Resources

With AccuLeads®, the 24/7 online data resource, you have access to millions of records in seconds.

  • The largest collection of national marketing databases available anywhere
  • Log in anytime, anywhere without losing your place
  • Upload files for suppression
  • Suppress previous counts and orders to avoid duplication
  • View “data definitions” for quick explanations
  • Leverage our sophisticated visual mapping solution, with both street and aerial views, landmarks, radius by distance or drive time, and more – all without installing software
  • Plan your list online, anytime, or let our industry – leading data experts do it for you

Address a Range of Marketing Needs

AccuLeads offers data selections to address virtually every marketing channel and campaign objective. Our team can help improve your saturation mailings or identify specific targets for special offers. Whether your channel includes direct mail or telemarketing leads, AccuLeads is a powerful website that can help you target more qualified buyers and enhance your marketing ROI.

The Most B2C and B2B Data Available in a Single Online Location

Whether you are looking for local businesses, national consumers, or more specialized segment, it’s all available on AccuLeads. From new borrowers and new movers, to demographics and lifestyle data, you simply can’t find a richer, more convenient data resource.

Select from these premier resources:

  • 16 Nationally Recognized Databases
  • 1 Resident Occupant Database
  • 3 Business Databases
  • 5 Consumer Databases
  • 7 Specialty Databases
  • 100’s of Selects Available
  • Automated Data Hygiene Processes
  • Client file Suppression
  • AccuModel SnapShot automated profiling solution to find prospects that look like your best customers
  • AccuModel Response automated predictive model that helps you target new prospects that are likely to respond or make a purchase

AccuLeads provides an optimum blend of online functionality, with quality data options and efficient service. It also makes your count and order experience easier and more productive. Use AccuLeads today to improve targeting through new data sources while you streamline the count, order and payment process – on demand. And, best of all, you decide how much or how little help you need.

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