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Take advantage of our custom solutions built to bridge data and results.

Go Beyond Data

We create innovative, custom data-driven marketing solutions, precisely attuned to your business needs. It’s just one of the ways we ensure our data is working harder for you.

Targeted Data Solutions

As a leader in the data industry for 30 years, AccuData’s access to the nation’s most insightful and accurate consumer and business data is unparalleled. AccuData provides direct access to hundreds of direct marketing data sources, including 8 of the nation’s leading compiled resident/occupant, consumer, and business data sets for prospecting, enhancement, and analytics.

When you need exceptional coverage and precise targeting for customer acquisition campaigns or additional insight on your loyal customers, trust the expert team at AccuData to steer you in the right direction.

Acquisition & Loyalty Email

From mailboxes to inboxes, we know how to get your message delivered. AccuData’s in-house creative services team manages all facets of prospect and loyalty email marketing, including copywriting, mobile-responsive design, targeted opt-in email audiences, email address verification, deployment, optimization, and detailed reporting.

Engage your customers and convert your prospects with a robust email marketing program designed by AccuData.

Data Analytics & Insight

The most important marketing decisions your company can make depend on thorough and thoughtful analysis of customer data. AccuData provides a full suite of analytics products and services, including our widely used SnapShot customer profile report. We also offer predictive modeling and analytics for enhanced targeting and campaign performance, as well as custom data analytics to solve your most complex business challenges.

Define better target audiences, increase campaign response rates, and improve customer engagement with robust analytics and deeper insight from AccuData.

Digital Marketing

Leverage our expertise in this ever-evolving field and benefit from a team that keeps up with current trends, consistently changing specs, and industry best practices. AccuData’s in-house creative services team provides end-to-end management of highly targeted digital advertising, social media advertising, and multichannel marketing campaigns. We offer copywriting, graphic design, campaign deployment, optimization, and detailed reporting.

When you need superior precision and performance from your digital marketing efforts, trust the team at AccuData to deliver.

Custom Database Services

While there are many options for out-of-the-box platforms, there is no replacement for a custom solution that is attuned precisely to your needs. Whether you seek an integration for your marketing technology stack or the full-scale development of a database to house, manage, and process your customer and prospect data, look no further than AccuData. We stand at the ready to solve your next database challenge.

Companies who understand the advantage that can be gained from skillful management of their customer data trust AccuData.

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