Data Analytics & Insight

Meet your new data science team. AccuData taps into your customer data to uncover critical patterns using robust analytics and deeper insight.

Data-Driven Insight that Leads to Exceptional Targeting and Improved ROI

For well-defined target audiences, better response rates, and improved customer engagement, start with analytics. Our analytics products and services enable marketers a deeper understanding of their most valuable customers and a clearer picture of their most desirable target audience.

Customer Profiling

Discover similarities in your customer base and identify lookalike audiences with a customer profile analysis from AccuData. We offer several options, including our cutting-edge online tool, SnapShot, as well as offline options for creating custom segments and profiles. Develop your brand’s ideal buyer personas to focus your sales and marketing efforts, reduce marketing spend, guide product decisions, and ultimately allow for better alignment across your organization.

Stop acting on intuition and start your marketing efforts with analytics for the most effective use of your marketing resources.


Predictive Analytics & Custom Modeling

Go from telling a story to predicting the ending. Predictive analytics go beyond that of a basic profile to predict response and purchase behavior from your customers and prospects. Predictive analytics enable marketers to seamlessly craft ideal target audiences, realistic media budgets, and sound key performance indicators. And when you need a unique solution for a complex marketing or business challenge, our data scientists are on hand to deliver a custom modeling solution that fits.

For smarter marketing decisions, look to the data experts at AccuData to offer thoughtful analysis and insight.


Featured Product


New to customer profiling? Our exclusive SnapShot product provides a quick glimpse into the makeup and attributes of your customer base. Priced competitively, this fully automated service will provide you a customized market penetration analysis in a matter of minutes.


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