Our tagline, “We take data personally”, embodies the deep respect and care that we place on managing personal data. Indeed, protecting consumer privacy is a focused, concerted, and rigorous effort that we do not take lightly.

AccuData believes it’s important that consumers understand what types of data that marketing companies may have about them. We also believe in making it simple for consumers to choose how their personal data is managed.

Who is AccuData and What Do They Do?

AccuData is a Florida-based marketing company that has been in business for 30 years. We help organizations build better relationships with their customers and find new customers for their products or services. One way that we do this is by partnering with data compilers.

Our partnership with data compilers involves the processing and management of consumer datafiles. In so doing, we maintain stringent data management practices, utilize a rigorous vendor vetting and approval process, and follow all ANA guidelines for the use and care of personal data.

What are Data Compilers?

Data compliers collect and aggregate personal data (e.g., names and aliases, contact information, demographic information, magazine subscriptions, transactional records, donation history) from public and proprietary data sources for the purpose of helping companies build brand loyalty and find new customers.

How Did My Name Get on a Marketing List?

Consumer names are added to marketing lists by data compilers for a variety of reasons, often because the consumer has recently purchased a home or car, shopped from a catalog, subscribed to an online service, opted-in on a website, downloaded an app, or completed a survey.

Here are some of the most common sources used to collect consumer names:

  • County Recorder/County Assessor Records
  • Historical DMV and Automobile Registration Data
  • Packaged Goods Purchases
  • Census Data
  • City Directories
  • Telephone Directories
  • Product Registration Cards
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Website Registrations

How do I Remove my Name from Compiled Marketing Lists?

Because data compilers collect data from a variety of sources, identifying the point of origin is quite difficult. More importantly, consumer privacy is protected as individual record lookups are not allowed (as per USPS regulations).

Please note that requests to modify how your personal data is managed with AccuData will only impact companies using our services. It will not impact the use of your data from data compilers or from any other source.

We encourage registration with DMAchoice, a service exclusively for consumers by the Association of National Advertisers. Please visit www.dmachoice.thedma.org. Credible data compilers, including each of AccuData’s vendors, honor these requests.

For additional information and to learn how to remove your personal information from major compilers, please view our Consumer Name Removal Guide.

Please note that all requests must come directly from the consumer – second- or third-party requests will not be honored.

Partner Resources

To view informational resources from our major vendors, please click below:
Acxiom’s “Protecting your Privacy in the Information Age” Guide
Guide to Epsilon Direct Marketing

To view the Privacy Policies of our major vendors, please click below:
KBM Group (A Wunderman Company)

Consumer Choices

As a consumer, you have choices that govern how AccuData will handle personal information related to you.

You have the option to opt-out of future marketing communications, to delete personal information from AccuData’s database, or request details on the types of data that AccuData may have had managed or processed.

To understand how we manage consumer data, view our Privacy Policy here.

Important Considerations Before Opting Out

Opting out, or choosing to have data about you removed from AccuData’s database, will have two effects:

  • Reduce the amount of unsolicited marketing offers you receive from companies with whom you have not done business.
  • Reduce the relevance of marketing offers you receive from companies you do have a relationship with that are also AccuData clients. This is because AccuData clients use these marketing data products to better understand what offers may be of interest to you.

Which Marketers Will be Impacted by Opting Out?

Your choice to opt out with AccuData will only impact marketers using our services.

Therefore, we suggest you also consider opting out directly from any company that sends you unwanted solicitations or use the Association of National Advertisers’ consumer choice services at www.dmachoice.thedma.org, which applies to all ANA member companies. Please note that opting out doesn’t mean you won’t receive any marketing offers or digital advertising.

When will the Opt-out Request Take Effect?

Your request will be processed within two weeks, but it could take some time before the removal of data about you becomes fully effective. Please note that this opt-out request is not effective for removal of data that may have been provided to marketers prior to your request. To complete the opt-out request online, click here. If you’re unable or prefer not to submit your request online, you may submit an opt-out request by calling us at (800) 371-7080 and following the prompts.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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