Custom Database Services

We specialize in customization. Developed by marketers for marketers, our fully customized database services enable our clients to market smart, not hard.

Make Sense of Your Customer Data

AccuData provides fully customized database solutions that enable marketers a unified view of their customers and prospects.

Development, Management & Hosting

When you’re ready to wrangle your customer and prospect data, allow AccuData’s developers to design a solution that’s attuned to your unique business needs. Clients trust us to develop solutions that link disparate data sources, provide secure accessibility, improve data quality, deploy targeted campaigns, and track results with detailed reporting. Our experienced developers work with leading CRMs, data visualization tools, marketing platforms, and ESPs. Our hands-on approach will ensure your solution is as unique as your organization.


Professional Services

Whether you’ve hired us for a full database development project or a simple integration with your current technology, our professional services team stands at the ready to answer questions, manage vendors, see that projects are completed on time and within budget, and ensure overall success. We offer dedicated support and our team members act as an extension of your team to serve as your own database subject matter experts.

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