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Data on Demand

A revenue-generating option that makes sense


  • Build a data sales site that is customized with your brand
  • Offer a one-stop-shop for your customers with an inclusive data solution
  • Gain more business and customer loyalty while building additional online revenue

Data Resources

Add “stickiness” to your existing product and service sales with a new way to generate more business for your company while increasing your bottom line with Data On Demand. Harness the power of AccuData’s Data On Demand – a customized suite of data technologies that enable you to provide an online data buying solution for your customers while maintaining your brand. Your solution can be integrated into your technology or hosted through AccuData.

Differentiate your organization in the marketplace with our easy to implement and flexible solution. After all, why should your customers manage multiple data partners when they have you? With online data purchasing options, your customers have access to industry-leading data sources and you gain a new revenue stream. And with the Data On Demand solution, you have the choice of five nationally recognized consumer databases to offer.

In summary, AccuData provides the data, you provide the customers.

Data On Demand Options

AccuData offers flexible Data On Demand solutions that can be tailored to fit your needs and how you want your customers to use your website for lists and data. Each solution is available just 14 days after you finalize your contract. In no time, your customers can purchase lists through your website, and even target using a variety of demographic options.


  • Diverse offering of nationally recognized databases
  • Easily integrates with your current e-commerce solution
  • Allows you to work behind the scenes, even while your customers are online, as count and order details are seamlessly passes to and from your site with AccuData
  • Supports day-to-day operations and ongoing maintenance
  • Integrate your e-commerce, registration, and overall functionality with our data partnerships
  • Choose from a variety of industry-leading resident/occupant, consumer, specialty and business databases
  • Use geography selects such as state, zip, radius and more

List Choice

  • Complete with a welcome page branded to meet your specifications, your clients have a seamless way to find and download comprehensive, mailing lists
  • You manage the customer experience by branding the site with your logo and colors and by determining what databases you want to make available
  • Deliver a new revenue stream through online data sales from your new website
  • Brand look and feel is built on top of our data partnerships, e-commerce, registration, and overall functionality
  • Choose from one of each of our industry-leading resident/occupant, consumer, and business databases
  • Use geography selects such as state, zip, radius, county and more
  • Mapping technology can now be used to create a customized map of the trade market area

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