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Data Processing Services

Creating Custom Lists

When your campaign objectives require sophisticated targeting beyond that of a traditional list offering, AccuData can support the creation of a custom direct marketing list. Our team will expertly craft a project plan that employs a combination of data processing services to combine, manipulate, and transform data from disparate sources into a highly-customized, solution-oriented list.

Segment your data files to specific groups in order to explore versioning and optimization of your creative, copy, and offer.
Remove name, address, telephone, and/or email records that appear in multiple occurrences within your input files.
Convert data files into your desired format; apply of casing and name/address parsing to data columns as needed.
Apply latitude and longitude coordinates to the addresses in your database and utilize that intelligence to create custom marketing footprints and multi-radius pulls.
Determine where common records exist between multiple input files and isolate those records into one unique file.
Apply a unique identifier to each record on your input file so that their origin/significance can easily be acknowledged.
Identify and eliminate duplicate records that exist between multiple files; retain unique records based on your established priority.
Separate data elements like full names and addresses from one data column into multiple fields

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