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Email Marketing

Build and maintain relationships with current customers, as you accelerate product announcements and build the brand


  • Reach additional consumers where they hang out in the digital world
  • Increase reach and impact by incorporating print media with your digital campaigns
  • Get measurable results and gain insight to the effectiveness of your programs

Digital Marketing Solutions

Email Prospecting using detailed demographic, firmographic and lifestyle options is an efficient, cost-effective way to target prospects.

Email Append with Welcome Message Deployment is a matching process that identifies a customer’s email address, sends an opt-in permission-based message and then appends the appropriate email address to the original customer file.

Email Match and Deploy can be used with client prospect files or to those records where a relationship cannot be clearly established. The email message is deployed under the same parameters as a standard email campaign rental and deployment program.

Reverse Email Append to add postal addresses and contact names when a client file contains only email addresses.

Email Deployment can be used with customer email files to deliver the campaign message through white listed servers for better deliverability.

Email address validation with AccuValid helps you maintain clean and accurate email addresses for the best results in your marketing programs that include email.

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