2022: The Year of the Customer

As we run headlong into 2022, and what looks to be yet another year of remote working and increased online interactions, marketers are embracing the slew of new consumer behaviors and trends that have become synonymous with this decade. We are seeing marketing become more human, creative, personalized, and social-driven than ever before.

Improvements in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), combined with increased data collection and insights from social media and other sources, have made it possible and easy to personalize everything from content to design to product recommendations.

And with the impending death of the third-party cookie next year, most marketing eyes are turned towards first-party data collection techniques.

But before you invest your fortune in AI-driven marketing automation and bots that can hold your important buyer conversations for you (although, we agree that sounds pretty cool!), there’s a far more cost-effective tool you can use to get to know your customers.

The addition of this valuable third-party data, appended in batch or in real-time, can teach you all kinds of things about your customers that you didn’t know before. Things like: How many of your customers attended college? How many of them have kids? How many of them are travel enthusiasts? With hundreds of data attributes to choose from, the insights can go on and on.

AccuData’s data enhancement services can improve your brand’s outreach and marketing efforts by empowering you to:

  • Understand your audience. With a full understanding of your audience, you gain not only the ability to engage them more effectively— but also to develop and engage lookalike audiences.
  • Target your audience. With precise information about your audience’s interests and lifestyle, you can personalize your outreach to customers and lookalike prospects for better response rates.
  • Update your database. By updating your database with current, standardized contact information, you can significantly improve your campaign response rates.

Essentially, your data will be more useful to your team. You’ll more effectively use your marketing dollars by truly understanding who you’re marketing to, and thereby increase the return on your marketing investment. Whether for full-scale multichannel programs, digital marketing campaigns, or simply direct mail, this process can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your current customers through the addition of valuable data attributes and contact information.

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As the third-party cookie crumbles and brand marketers place higher importance on first-party data, third-party data continues to hold its rank as a valuable resource to marketers.

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Written by Bianca Morgan