5 in 5: Five Reasons to Go Multichannel

During these challenging times, you need quick answers to your pressing questions. We developed this 5 in 5 Series to give you 5 key takeaways packed in a quick, 5-minute read.

This series features candid advice from our Director of Digital Services, Valerie Prudente, and was developed with our Reseller Partner in mind.

Please check back often for new topics focused on helping you survive the current situation and thrive once the economy gets moving again.

5 Reasons to go Multichannel

What are the five main reasons that a brand should implement a multichannel marketing strategy?

  1. Consumers can now access marketing information through a variety of devices. Promote your content, products, or services on your ideal customer’s preferred channels.
  2. Consider your customer’s needs. Take a customer-centric approach to manage and optimize campaigns for each channel.
  3. Multiple touchpoints allow for valuable data collection. This data can help you develop a better understanding of your audience and how they prefer to consume your messaging.
  4. Build brand awareness. Most people require 5 to 7 impressions before they remember a brand.
  5. Expand your reach to boost customer engagement and conversion rates.

What other thoughts do you have for marketers considering a multichannel approach?

  • Make it easy for customers to complete desired conversions on the medium with which they are most comfortable to improve your customer experience across all channels and maximize your returns.
  • Multichannel marketing capitalizes on putting your business in front of more people. When you engage with customers through multiple channels, the exposure and credibility of your brand will also increase. Because of this, a customer is more likely to purchase more and recommend you to others if they like your products or services.
  • Single-channel marketing limits your possibilities. The best multichannel marketing strategy is to use multiple channels in a way that allows them to complement and support each other. When companies use multiple channels to support a single campaign, the campaign generates better results.


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Written by Gabrielle Perham, MBA