July 2020 marks a substantial shift in the digital landscape with major brands moving ad dollars away from social media platforms, specifically Facebook.  If you find yourself in the same boat, AccuData offers a variety of digital marketing solutions that expand well beyond social media. If you are reconsidering your media strategy, let AccuData’s digital marketing experts craft your ideal media plan so you can continue to reach your desired audience.

  • Venue Replay
    • Reach an audience that visited a specific location or competing store from up to 6 months ago. Serve your digital offer to their mobile and home devices with this cookie-less digital targeting.
  • Venue Targeting
    • Using traditional GeoFence technology, promote your offerings to consumers while on location at competing stores or specified venues. Your message will be served on all available placements via mobile browsers, mobile websites, apps, and pre-roll videos. To take it a step further, we can continue to advertise to this audience for up to 30 days after their visit.
  • IP Targeting
    • IP Targeting is direct mail delivered digitally. Use a postal address to identify device IDs that are connected to home routers. Serve your ad message to any device that is connected to the router via placements on mobile browsers, mobile websites, apps, pre-roll videos, and Connected TV (OTT) services.
  • Connected TV
    • Go beyond standard display advertising and target binge-watchers, cord-cutters, and on-demand streamers. With a postal file or custom audience, AccuData can display your video ad in a non-skippable format to gain additional impressions and improve conversions.
  • Web Visitor Intel
    • Turn your website into a lead generation tool and obtain the First and Last Name, Postal Address, Email, and Pages Visited for all matched consumers who visit your site. With this information, you can understand the journey that is taken on your website and customize your communications to what your consumers are looking for.
  • Email Enhanced
    • Acquisition email paired with digital advertising. Maximize engagement by reaching additional in-market prospects that fit your ideal audience. Deploy an email campaign that’s accompanied by Yahoo! sponsored ads, Gmail sponsored ads, or contextual banner ads.
  • Acquisition Email Marketing
    • Select from hundreds of consumer attributes and access the highest-quality, opt-in email lists to send email communications to your targeted audience.
  • Loyalty Email Marketing
    • Let AccuData develop your loyalty email program. Our Email team can manage, segment, and personalize your email deployments to help build brand loyalty.

As AccuData takes a digital-neutral stance, we continue to support our valued clients’ decisions for advertising and always encourage testing and utilizing various channels to hit your digital marketing goals.

Want to know which digital channels are performing the best right now? Check out our Digital Tactics Success Kit.

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Written by Valerie Prudente