5 Tips for Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is both a cost-efficient and responsive way to reach new leads and customers. It is also a key component of a recommended multi-channel marketing strategy. However, email marketing can quickly turn sour if it is not done correctly

Below are 5 tips for making your email marketing to prospects much more effective:

1. Trusted Data Source

Gone are the days when only a few companies had email addresses to offer. Nowadays, there are MANY entities selling email lists stating they are proprietary, fresh, clean and engaging. While companies like AccuData Integrated Marketing are providing legitimate prospect email lists, others may not be as trustworthy. Make sure you are getting reputable data (ask about compilation and hygiene procedures) that will provide you with decent engagement metrics, while also giving you brand awareness to the recipients who, at the very least, saw your brand/company name as they scanned their email inbox.

2. Email Marketing is Not a “One and Done”

It’s a common misconception that one prospect email deployment will move the needle to exactly where you need it to be. While it will help to move the needle, it’s not realistic to expect one prospect email deployment to give you the sales revenue you need to close out the month or quarter. Do your best to plan a prospect email campaign with at least two message deployments. If you’re a marketer, you know that reaching your prospects multiple times is very important in all marketing channels.

3. Spend Time on Your Subject Line

Distinct from direct mail, you aren’t able to design a neat envelope for email marketing so you have to use your creativity in the text of your subject line. Remember to spend lots of time in crafting the subject line because it is what a high percentage of your prospects will see. I see companies spending lots of work hours on the creative and message but not on the subject line, which will receive much more exposure. If you are deploying a large campaign, use it as an opportunity to test more than one subject line.

4. Have a Clear Message and Call-to-Action

Email openers will only give you only a couple of seconds as they skim and decide whether to engage further with your email or click out of it. Be brief, yet clear, and let them know what they need to do next. Your call-to-action should be enticing, clear and easy enough to have them engage. Put yourself in the shoes of the recipients and use imagery and color theory to awaken their interest by way of emotions.

5. The Timing

With the exception of some desired daily interaction email by specific companies, it is best practice that email recipients receive only one email from you in a 7-day period. It’s just as important to be mindful of your message’s deployment date and time. Generally, the ideal times to deploy to consumers are Tuesday-Thursday between 10 am-2 pm, and again after 5 pm.

However, for some industries, Mondays, Fridays and even Sundays are becoming more popular. It’s important to put yourself in the recipients’ shoes and schedule your deployment for when you think they will most likely be accessible to see your email. Remember, multiple exposures to your prospects is key and will also give you the opportunity to test your email marketing strategy.

Taken together, if you follow these five strategies you’re sure to get a boost in your email metrics. The right data alone is a key factor in your ability to accurately target an audience who will respond. Remember, if you need a hand to make sure that your email marketing strategy is getting results, AccuData’s digital experts are here for you.

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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