Marketing Strategies to Celebrate this Holiday Season

While the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year for marketers, it’s also a great time to be thankful for the great strategies that help us drive results for clients! So, let’s take a break (and maybe a deep breath) to review the great ways that we’re helping clients reach consumers in one of the busiest buying seasons of the year!

Digital Advertising

Have you ever seen some item you looked at popup in other sites around the web? Digital ads are excellent at breaking through the clutter to keep an item topofmind throughout the holiday shopping season. Whether it’s a new tool for Dad or the latest hot toy (hello, Fingerlings), this tactic is proven to help increase purchases from interested consumers.

Let’s also not forget that this can be combined with one of our other favorite tactics…

Email Marketing

The best value for every marketer’s arsenal is the email campaign. With the highest ROI out there, this strategy stands the test of time. Of course, while it pays to use emails to engage a client’s target audience, it’s also important to understand changes to the email landscape. It’s becoming more advanced and interesting, so when you need a hand to make sure that your campaigns are mobile responsive and optimized, remember that the digital experts at AccuData can help!

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Direct Mail

Another great strategy that stands the test of time is direct mail. The vast majority of consumers check their mail every day; it’s one of the most trusted tactics; and as an added bonus it’s even popular with Millennials. There’s basically no demographic that doesn’t like getting mail. There are lots of clever ways to implement this, from coupons and discount offers to more interesting items like Trader Joe’s newsletter.

Multi-channel Campaigns

Perhaps the best strategy of all is to use more than one of these tactics together to reach consumers. Multi-channel campaigns make it more likely that a prospect will convert, since the DMA states that it takes between 7-13 touches for each conversion. During the holiday season, you’re also competing with a crowded marketplace meaning a campaign that includes not only direct mail but also digital ads delivered to the same homes can help you stand out from your competitors!

There are certainly many more neat strategies that marketers can use to reach consumers – what are your favorites?

Written by Ellis Williams