Use Digital Remarketing for Retention and Acquisition

In the realm of multi-channel marketing, digital remarketing isn’t just for acquiring new prospects. Remarketing allows marketers to continue the conversation with existing customers across channels, helping you in retention and growth efforts.

Digital retargeting allows you to engage and re-engage consumers. And its importance and effectiveness depends on timing and understanding the customer journey for your products and services.

Direct IP targeting allows you to display banner ads to a specific household or business, based on their IP address. It’s similar to direct mail just delivered digitally. In fact, you can even match postal address data of your customer or prospect lists to their IP addresses to ensure your ads are being seen by the most valuable audience. Expect to see up to a 30% lift in direct mail response rates when you integrate these campaigns with IP targeted display ads.

The timing of your remarketing campaigns depends on which vertical you’re in, what products you’re selling and the type of audience you desire. Remember that your offer needs to make sense and be enticing to people who have a short attention span.

The good news for advertisers is that data-driven decision making is getting easier. A recent Forbes Insights survey showed that 29% of respondents who use data analytics have seen a significant improvement in delivering superior customer experiences.

First-class customer journeys include digital remarketing at the right time to entice prospects into learning more about your product, spur customers into using additional services and offer the right enticements for both.

If you don’t think about correctly timing digital remarketing, you’re wasting an omnichannel advantage.

Combining digital display advertising with your email marketing campaigns is another powerful way to boost the results of your marketing efforts. Combine banner ad delivery with email deployments to create a stunningly visual connection to your target audience.

And you can further target your audience by segmenting display ads according to the action taken from your email campaign. Recipients that click through an email, for example, are served a different display ad than those that did not open the email. Digital remarketing allows for a strong visual recall of your email message that will continue to resonate with your audience.

Done correctly remarketing ads help your prospects make an informed decision and assist your customers in keeping up with your services and products. Frequency capping and timing are critical in avoiding consumer fatigue.

The best marketers understand they need to maintain continuous contact with customers over a long duration even after they’ve made a purchase. Digital remarketing allows you to serve relevant content to your customers and enforce their decision to continue to buy your products and services.

If you need help including digital remarketing into your multichannel marketing efforts, AccuData Integrated Marketing has a team of industry experts to assist you. From understanding digital remarketing best practices to image selection and copywriting, AccuData’s data-driven marketing expertise helps to ensure the success of your marketing efforts.

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing

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