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AccuData provides digital marketing, acquisition and loyalty email, and other advanced marketing solutions. But, before you begin sending communications, you need to understand your audience and the methods that they’re most likely to respond positively to.

AccuData acts as your brand’s data science team. We tap into customer data to uncover critical patterns and themes, using customer profiling to help you discover the ideal buyer personas for your product or service. Whether you’re a brand improving your internal understanding of your customers, or an agency looking to elevate your client’s marketing efforts, AccuData’s customer profiling services can assist.

Explore customer profiling, one of our Data Analytics and Insight services, in more depth.

This section provides an overview of customer profiling.

Overview of Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is the process of studying your audience, discovering similarities and recurring themes, and using that information to develop buyer personas. A buyer persona, also known as a customer profile, is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal target customer that includes demographics, behavioral patterns, motivations, and goals.

These profiles help you understand what drives your ideal target customers to invest in a product or service. They’re used to guide marketing decisions with the goal of creating optimal campaigns to appeal to your ideal audience.

What is a customer profile used for?

What is a customer profile used for?

Put simply, a customer profile empowers you to run more effective marketing campaigns. When you understand what your ideal customer “looks like,” you can craft campaigns that will appeal to them and discover lookalike audiences to target that may also be interested in your product.

This carries benefits such as:

More focused sales. Your sales team can understand which prospects are most likely to be interested in your products or services and focus their resources and attention appropriately.

Reduced marketing spend. By only sending communications to those segments that are most likely to respond positively, you’ll no longer be papering the town with ineffective advertisements.

Guided product decisions. Your product team can adjust your offerings to better align with the motivations, interests, and goals of those most likely to invest in them.

Improved alignment across your organization. When your entire organization has an understanding of your target audience, disparate teams can align around a similar goal and decisions can be made with the same foundation.

Customer profiling removes the guesswork from sales, product decisions, and marketing efforts alike. Continue reading to learn how AccuData can assist with profiling for the third item on this list— profiling to improve your marketing strategies.

This section covers AccuData's customer profiling services.

AccuData’s Customer Profiling Services

AccuData Integrated Marketing offers distinct customer profiling solutions that are fully supported by our data science team, a group that will help you interpret the results and apply the intelligence to your marketing strategies.

With AccuModel SnapShot, automatically profile your top customers using AccuData’s comprehensive databases of U.S. consumers and businesses to create a customized market penetration analysis. SnapShot involves three main steps:

Running your SnapShot profile. A file of your best customers is uploaded to You can start this process with as few as 500 customer records. At that point, this data is compared to prospects within your marketing footprint to develop a detailed profile report highlighting trends that exist between your customers and prospects. Consumer demographics and business firmographics can both be considered.

Running your count report. A SnapShot count report determines the number of prospects you’d like to target. You can customize your target market areas while retaining the demographic insight and statistical intelligence of your full customer profile. At this point, you can also apply additional demographic filters.

Ordering your data. You then order newly unveiled prospect data based on a priority order established through our key statistical findings. You can customize file layout and type, apply additional demographic fields for enhanced targeting, and suppress your current customer file to ensure none of your ordered prospect data represents duplicates of current customers.

Your team can access SnapShot 24/7 for real-time insight when you need it.

Explore our AccuModel SnapShot product sheet to learn more. To see this solution in action, review this AccuModel SnapShot case study in which a marketing agency elevated the strategy of two South Florida food banks by profiling their existing donors using the solution.

This section covers additional analytic capabilites of AccuData.

Additional Analytic Capabilities

In addition to AccuModel SnapShot’s customer profiling capabilities, AccuData offers additional analytic solutions to improve your understanding of your audience. These include:

Exploratory Data Analysis: This is a highly customized examination of your data assets for the purpose of prioritizing product offerings and strategies. With this, we can advise on additional analytic techniques to improve your understanding of your audience.

Custom Segmentation: This examines your loyalty customer base and uses statistical techniques to define the characteristics of that audience. This helps to identify the most desirable, high-value customers going forward.

To learn more about these additional analytic capabilities, explore this Data Analytics and Insight solution sheet.

This section covers AccuModel SnapShot, our featured customer profiling solution.

Featured Product

AccuModel SnapShot

New to customer profiling? Our exclusive SnapShot product provides a quick glimpse into the makeup and attributes of your customer base. Priced competitively, this fully automated service will provide you a customized market penetration analysis in a matter of minutes.


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