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Develop a deeper understanding of your current customers through the addition of valuable data attributes and contact information. This added intelligence will power your segmentation and personalization efforts and enable highly relevant communications to your most valued customers.

With AccuData, choose from hundreds of attributes to enhance your customer data.

Data append services can drastically improve your marketing strategy.

Develop a Deeper Understanding of Your Audience With Data Enrichment


How can data enhancement solutions improve your strategies?

With the amount of technology used in modern marketing, your team is collecting more data than ever before. However, that doesn’t exactly mean you’ll have access to all of the data needed for a successful strategy.

When missing contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses, or important demographic information like income and age, it can be challenging to formulate an effective marketing strategy with only partial information. That’s where data enhancement solutions come into play.

AccuData’s data enhancement services can improve your brand’s outreach and marketing efforts by empowering you to:

Understand your audience. With a full understanding of your audience, you not only access the key information to target them effectively— but also gain the ability to build lookalike audiences.

Target your audience. With precise information about your audience’s interests and lifestyle, you can personalize your outreach for better response rates.

Update your database. By updating your database with current, standardized contact information, you can significantly improve your campaign response rates

Essentially, your data will be more useful to your team. Not only will you more effectively use marketing dollars by truly understanding who you’re marketing to, but you’ll also increase the return on your marketing investment. Whether for full-scale multichannel programs, digital marketing campaigns or simply direct mail, this can be a powerful improvement in your preparations.


What data enhancement services does AccuData provide?

AccuData Integrated Marketing provides a variety of data enhancement solutions. With each service, the goal is to improve the clarity of and insights provided by your customer data to ensure the potential of that data is maximized.

We offer batch and real-time data append.

Batch Append

Our team offers batch data append services, which involve adding valuable data attributes and contact information of your choosing to your customer database. The goal of this service is to give your team a comprehensive picture of your audience for advanced targeting efforts.


Real-Time Append

With only a name, phone number, or postal address, AccuData can identify your customer or prospect and provide complete contact information and additional demographic attributes in real time. This solution is ideal for point-of-sale data, eCommerce, lead generation or lead scoring initiatives, web form submissions, marketing automation integrations, and call center solutions. To learn more, view our Real-Time Append product sheet.

Because data append is one of our specialties, let’s examine that service in more detail by exploring the specific data append services we offer to enhance your strategy.


Use the following data append services to improve your marketing strategy.

Utilize the Following Data Append Services to Enhance Your Database

This graphic shows the data append services offered by AccuData.

Demographic data append can identify key characteristics of your audience.

Demographic Append

Demographic append is a service that appends detailed customer demographics onto your customer data. This includes age, income, marital status, presence of children in the home, lifestyle attributes (like hobbies and interests), and buying behaviors (ex: buying a car).

Demographic data can have immense value for your strategy. It can help you find the exact audience for your product — for example, if you’re marketing a new home security product, you can discover new homeowners based on their recent buying behavior. It can also help you personalize outreach, enabling more relevant communications to your customers and prospects.


Phone and reverse phone data append is great for identifying the phone numbers of your target audience.

Phone and Reverse Phone Append

Telemarketing, phone-a-thons, political phone banking, and customer outreach depend on up-to-date, accurate telephone numbers.

That’s where phone append comes into play. AccuData uses directory assistance data to add telephone numbers to your customer or donor data— with business-to-consumer and business-to-business append available.

This works in reverse, as well. If you have the phone numbers of clients but are lacking contact names and postal addresses, the AccuData team can use reverse phone append to complete the profile.


Email and reverse email data append secures verified contact information for members of your target audience.

Email and Reverse Email Append

Direct email marketing is a powerful force for marketing. But, that doesn’t eliminate the challenge of regularly changing email addresses or the negative perception that can arise from audiences receiving emails they’re uninterested in.

With AccuData’s email append solution, you can identify recent, active email addresses for your customers. Even further, you can confirm their desire to receive email communications with an opt-in permission email. This prevents email bounce-backs and can preserve your brand’s reputation as you won’t be sending communications to those who don’t want to receive them.

Similarly to reverse phone append, AccuData’s reverse email append services can update and build your customer records using email addresses alone. With it, you can append contact names and postal addresses onto your email marketing file, enabling multichannel marketing efforts.

For more information on our Email Append services, view our product sheet.


Firmographic data append is key for securing information about businesses.

Firmographic Append

Successful business-to-business marketing requires a comprehensive understanding of the firms you plan to contact. With firmographic append, you can better understand your target firms by updating your database with attributes such as the firm’s industry, NAICS code, internal structure, annual revenue, size, and market segment.

Beyond this, you can also access key contact details such as the company’s location, phone number, web address, email addresses, and job titles of key contacts. Not only will you understand the ins and outs of firms in your target audience, but also access all needed information for outreach.


Geo-coding is a type of data append that's valuable for hyper-targeted marketing.


Hyper-targeted marketing is a powerful tool to help your brand stand out from the crowd.

With geo-coding, you can append latitude and longitude coordinates to your data. With this information, you can geo-target and personalize your marketing efforts to hit the exact local audience you desire. Whether marketing events to those within a small radius of the venue or serving ads for new franchise locations to those in nearby cities, geo-coding can empower your strategy to reach the right audience.

To learn more about our Data Enhancement solutions, view our product sheet.


Learn More About AccuData’s Custom Data Append

Each of our data-driven marketing solutions, whether data hygiene, database development, or data append, can be customized to meet a brand’s unique needs. So, to learn more about our data enhancement services and how they can be used to supplement your information, contact AccuData today.

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