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AccuData specializes in creating precision digital marketing campaigns backed by data. Our team functions as a data-savvy extension of your existing team, whether you need to optimize your current campaigns with new information or build future campaigns from the ground up.

We can identify information about your target audience, create a plan for connecting with that audience through multiple channels, and even design and deploy the digital marketing content used to do so. We provide your team with everything you need to be successful with digital marketing.

Before diving into our services, let’s cover a quick overview of digital marketing to ensure we’re all working from the same foundation.

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Digital Marketing Overview

The goal of digital marketing is to meet your target audience where they’re already active— through technology. A digital approach allows you to reach your audience on multiple devices, increasing the number of touchpoints and moving them closer to conversion. And, that’s before we’ve discussed the power of data and retargeting.

At AccuData Integrated Marketing, each of our digital marketing services is based on data and customized to the client’s unique needs. Rather than blasting your brand’s message to a large but unqualified audience, we use the nation’s best consumer and business data to craft the ideal target audience and discover how best to engage with them.

With this approach, you can reach the best audience for your offerings. Further, you can do so through their preferred devices, using ads they’re most likely to respond to, and even at the perfect time to elicit a response.

One of the best examples of this is retargeting. In these campaigns, you use digital marketing to connect with prospects that already have a demonstrated interest in your offerings. Continue reading to learn more.

What is a retargeting campaign in digital marketing?

What is a retargeting campaign?

Retargeting campaigns enable you to connect with prospects that have already expressed a clear interest in your offerings. For example, this could mean serving digital ads for your product to prospects that have already visited your website and viewed the product you’re marketing.

These campaigns are valuable because they allow you to stay front-of-mind with prospects after they have already left your website or physical address. Successful retargeting requires optimizing data about interested prospects and developing a strong strategy for future engagement. This is one of many services offered by the team at AccuData. Continue reading to learn about our digital marketing and retargeting services.
Explore AccuData's digital marketing services below.

What digital marketing services does AccuData provide?

One of our digital marketing services is IP targeting.

IP Targeting and Addressable GeoFence

IP Targeting, and the more advanced Addressable GeoFence, is a method of delivering advertisements to prospective customers using their physical address. Rather than relying on cookies, these ads are sent using the IP address or the verified GPS and property plat line data associated with the prospect’s home or business address.

At AccuData, we have a 90% match rate when it comes to aligning postal addresses with IP addresses. After doing so, we work with DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) to place advertisements on more than 1 million websites targeted to reach the IP addresses of your intended audience. Learn more in this AccuData IP Targeting FAQ.

One of our digital marketing services is location-based targeting.

Location-Based Targeting with GeoFence & GeoFollow

For marketers looking to target prospects at specific locations, such as sporting events, conferences, concerts, trade shows, hotels, or competing locations, GeoFence and GeoFollow are ideal solutions.

With GeoFence services, advertisements are delivered to your ideal prospect’s mobile devices in real time, targeted based on their physical location. Then, with GeoFollow services, you can continue targeting these consumers’ mobile devices up to 30 days after they leave the target location. Review this GeoFence and GeoFollow product sheet for more information.

One of our digital marketing services is venue replay.

Location-Based Targeting with Venue Replay

Have you ever wanted to target consumers that attended an event that’s highly relevant to your brand? With Venue Replay, you can target consumers that attended an event up to six months in the past.

Common examples include those that attended sporting events, concerts, or conferences and even those that shopped at competitors’ locations. AccuData uses a list of your target locations and date ranges to identify the device IDs collected during that time frame. Then, AccuData identifies the consumers’ home IP addresses and connected devices to begin placing ads.

Learn more in this Venue Replay product sheet.

One of our digital marketing services is site retargeting.

Site Retargeting

Is your website struggling to convert website visitors? With Site Retargeting, you can recapture consumers’ attention up to 30 days after they leave your website.

Site Retargeting uses a pixel (a unique line of code) that “follows” users after they leave your website and continue browsing the internet. This pixel enables the sharing of your display ad with these users as they visit other websites, ensuring your ad is served to consumers that have already expressed interest in your website.

Review these Site Retargeting FAQs to learn more.

One of our digital marketing services is native advertising.

Native Advertising

Digital advertisements that don’t match the look and feel of the website presenting them can be distracting and disorienting. With native advertising, your digital ads match the style and function of the page displaying them— whether a social media platform or website. Because your ads will appear as website content, they are more likely to entice the viewer to click and engage.

AccuData can develop a custom audience or start with your postal file to reach your ideal target audience. Then, we work with DSPs to deliver your ads to your target audience in a manner that’s customized to the page on which they will appear. Explore this Native Advertising FAQ to learn more.

One of our digital marketing services is behavioral targeting.

NextGen Behavioral Targeting

Effective marketing doesn’t only rely on reaching the ideal audience, but reaching that audience at the precise moment they’re prepared to buy. With NextGen Behavioral Targeting, the AccuData team uses a list of keywords to target the customers whose search behavior matches the objectives of your marketing campaign.

AccuData partners with thousands of search engines, allowing us to serve ads within seconds of a search taking place. We can identify prospective customers in real time and serve advertisements that position your product as the solution to their needs. Learn more in this NextGen Behavioral Targeting product sheet.

One of our digital marketing services is web visitor intel.

Web Visitor Intel

On average, only 2% of website visitors convert into paying customers. It’s crucial that you identify and engage the other 98% to convert them into paying customers!

Web Visitor Intel uses custom script coding to turn your website into a customer prospecting tool. With it, you can understand the pages users visit when on your website. Further, you can collect information about these users for multichannel marketing communications. You can access the visitor’s first and last name, email address, and postal address to customize your follow-up.

Review this Web Visitor Intel product sheet to learn more.

One of our digital marketing services is connected TV.

Connected TV Advertising

Video streaming platforms have captured the attention of households across the nation, and with AccuData’s Connected TV/Over-The-Top Advertising Services, you can take part in the action.

Serve your video advertisements in a non-skippable format to your exact target audience. You can use your existing postal file as well as additional considerations such as age, gender, income, parental status, search behavior, and purchase intent, to customize your outreach.

For more information, check out our Connected TV/OTT Advertising product sheet.

One of our digital marketing services is social media advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is the ultimate frontier for connecting with friends, family, and more. With social media advertising, you can use it to communicate with prospective customers as well.

Facebook advertising empowers you to serve ads on the News Feed, Messenger, Instagram, and more. AccuData builds your social media audience using data attributes such as demographics, location, lifestyle, interests and hobbies, and connections. Then, we optimize your campaign using detailed metrics for continued improvement going forward. Learn more in this Social Media Advertising product sheet.

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Learn More About AccuData’s Digital Marketing Services

AccuData’s data-driven digital marketing services are customized to your brand’s unique marketing objectives. To learn more about our services and how they can benefit your team, contact us today.

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