Email Campaign Optimization for Easy Mobile Viewing

To elevate the performance of your email marketing campaigns, AccuData Integrated Marketing provides creative optimization that includes mobile responsive design. These measures ensure your messages render correctly on a variety of mobile devices and internet service providers. With more than 51% of all emails being opened on a mobile device, you don’t want to miss reaching mobile responders.

Our email campaign optimization services include:

  • Campaign Consultation
  • Creative Optimization
  • HTML Conversion
  • Compliance Check
  • Rendering Reports
  • Image Preparation

Why does email optimization matter so much? Because people have learned to expect it! Imagine receiving an email on your smartphone that you couldn’t read correctly or click on easily – what a nightmare! Consumers are more tech-savvy than ever before, so don’t make the mistake of missing out on this important component of any modern email marketing campaign.

To maximize the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, AccuData also offers the following creative design services:

  • Marketing Consultation for New Campaigns
  • Creative Consultation for Existing Campaigns
  • HTML Email Creative Design

Whether your goal is to reach mobile viewers better or to maximize the overall design and results of your email marketing campaign, AccuData offers email marketing solutions to meet your needs!

Email Marketing Campaign Verification

Increase your chance of deliverability to the inbox by identifying problematic and undeliverable email addresses within your marketing file using AccuValid.

This verification tool will check each email address in your list and deliver reporting to show you which ones are invalid, spam or otherwise compromised. Using this tool boosts the rate at which your email marketing can reach the inbox for every send!

AccuValid is one of our newest, best tools to help you reach the inbox every time – but it’s certainly not the only advanced email solution that AccuData provides to make your email marketing work better.

See More Solutions for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

In addition to making sure your email gets to the inbox, AccuData offers advanced email marketing solutions to capture your target audience’s attention! No matter what type of product or service you are offering, there’s an email solution that can help you achieve the results you want.

Here are some of the email marketing solutions you can use to improve your next campaign:

Talk to one of our digital experts today about how to best improve your upcoming campaigns – whether through email optimization, creative services, or a more advanced technique for reaching your target audience.

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