Developing Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

Leverage customer information and behaviors to create personalized communications that manage experiences both online and off.

Well planned and executed omnichannel marketing strategies allow brand marketers to differentiate themselves through the delivery of best-in-class customer experiences. Omnichannel strategies recognize the benefits of individual channels and how they can be used to complement one another while taking into consideration that the majority of consumers use multiple channels simultaneously.

Delivering consistent experiences that improve the customer journey are rewarding not only for the consumer but for the brand itself in the form of enhanced recognition and greater credibility among consumers.

Data Driven Marketing Tactics for Omnichannel Strategies

Today’s digitally-focused consumers are blurring direct and response channels to interact with brands in the manner most convenient for them. This still evolving behavioral change has challenged brand marketers to remap the traditional customer journey from strictly online or in-store to a dynamic blend of the two. This requires brand marketers to implement sophisticated data driven marketing strategies.

Omnichannel marketing is a hybrid system of communications and customer experience management that partners multichannel marketing tactics with showrooming techniques to create seamless shopping experiences. An omnichannel marketing approach puts the individual customer, not the channel, at the center of its strategy.

Through the use of data driven marketing and the integration of all channels utilized for reaching their desired audience, brand marketers build a foundation for increased sales, larger shopping carts, and greater customer loyalty.

Successful omnichannel strategies employ specialized data driven marketing technologies to collect, analyze, and leverage both consumer information and behaviors captured during multichannel engagements. In doing so, brand marketers have the data-driven intelligence needed to craft highly customized, relevant communications designed to drive customers toward conversion.

Omnichannel Advertising Services

AccuData offers several omnichannel advertising services as part of your complete omnichannel strategy. To complement your in-store efforts to inform customers of product descriptions and promotions and increase their overall purchases, AccuData can develop and manage digital omnichannel advertising campaigns targeted directly at your individual consumers.

Send hyper-personalized messages and deliver hyper-targeted ads at every step of the customer journey to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Some of AccuData’s omnichannel advertising services include:

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