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AccuData Integrated Marketing provides a wide gamut of data-driven marketing solutions, including digital marketing, acquisition and loyalty email, and other advanced marketing solutions. But, not only can we craft effective campaigns for your team– we can also predict how your audience is likely to respond.

AccuData acts as your brand’s data science team. We use predictive modeling to understand the likelihood of your prospects to take desired actions and custom modeling to overcome your brand’s more complex marketing challenges. Whether you’re looking to improve your internal understanding of your customers, or you’re in an agency role and looking to elevate your client’s marketing efforts, AccuData’s predictive analytics and custom modeling services can assist.

Explore predictive analytics and custom modeling, two of our Data Analytics and Insight services, in more depth.

This section contains an overview of predictive analytics and custom modeling.

Overview of Predictive Analytics and Custom Modeling

What is predictive analytics?

What is predictive analytics?

Predictive analytics describes the process of applying statistical algorithms to historical data to identify the likelihood of future outcomes. This is taken a step further with custom modeling, which describes the unique solutions created for brands that are solving for more complex marketing or business challenges.

With these solutions, modern marketers can gain new insight into customers’ behavior, craft relevant campaigns to best appeal to them, and even solve for a wide range of other business challenges.

What is predictive analytics used for?

What is predictive analytics used for?

Predictive analytics is used to predict the response and purchase behavior of customers and prospects. It goes beyond the basic customer profile, extrapolating how customers within that profile will respond to marketing communications. These analytics have a direct impact on a marketing campaign, allowing you to craft:


  • Ideal target audiences that will take the desired action.
  • Realistic marketing budgets needed to reach your goals.
  • Key performance indicators to measure success.

With custom modeling, you can even further define your target audiences and use that information to increase campaign response rate and improve customer engagement. With this in mind, continue reading to explore AccuData’s unique predictive analytic capabilities.

This section covers AccuData's predictive analytics solutions.

AccuData’s Predictive Analytics Solutions

AccuData offers predictive analytics solutions that are fully supported by our data science team.

AccuModel Predict is a full-service solution designed to help you understand the probability that a prospect will respond or convert, and identify those with the highest revenue potential.

It’s based on key activity indicators, such as a prospect’s likelihood to respond, renew, donate, or pay after receiving communications. These findings are detailed in a comprehensive report and a consultative session with our Data Scientists. In this session, we answer any questions your team may have.


This section covers AccuData's custom modeling solutions.

AccuData’s Custom Modeling Solutions

In addition to predictive analytics solutions, AccuData offers custom modeling solutions based on specific marketing and business needs.

AccuModel Custom is a full-service custom data science solution. It’s used to help organizations prospect within their existing customer base, whether to identify ideal prospects, predict customer churn, develop customer segments, or predict the lifetime value of customers.

It combines the organization’s provided transactional data with predictive modeling to identify key audience behaviors. This information is delivered in a comprehensive report, an algorithm that can be applied to the organization’s systems, and through a consultative session with AccuData’s Data Scientists.


This section covers additional analytic capabilites of AccuData.

Additional Analytic Capabilities

In addition to AccuModel Predict and Custom, AccuData offers additional analytic capabilities to help brands predict the future behavior of their audience. This includes building:

Combination Models: Combination models are used to refine a brand’s targeting efforts. They’re used to seek new prospects that resemble a balanced sample of previous responders and converters.

Clone Models: Clone models apply analytic techniques to data to identify consumers with certain traits within a given population. They’re often used to identify new prospects that resemble a marketer’s existing client base.

To learn more about AccuData’s data analytics services in more detail, explore this Data Analytics and Insight solution sheet.

This section covers AccuModel, our featured predictive analytics product.

Featured Product


New to predictive analytics? Our exclusive AccuModel products provide an in-depth understanding of your prospects’ future behaviors. With AccuModel Predict, Custom, and SnapShot, understand how your ideal prospects will behave and find prospects that best resemble your ideal customers.


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