Since the printing press was first invented, the technology has developed leaps and bounds from the painstaking work of the past. The latest and greatest in the world of printing is the potential of new 3D technology. Promising to bring change to fields as varied as medicine, architecture and car manufacturing, 3D printing is already making waves. Here are all the neat ways that 3D printing is changing the landscape of print:

Why Shop When You Can 3D Print Your Clothes?

“What if, just like you frantically print your resume, you could frantically print a new dress?” Continue>>

Johnson & Johnson Wants to Use 3D Printing to Heal Broken Bones

“In medicine, it’s particularly exciting because 3D-printed materials can be molded to fit individual patients…” Continue>>

3D Printing The Next Five Years

“My crystal ball says these things will happen or will be well along in five years. But the future is a long time.” Continue>>

The Magic of 3D Printing

“One technology being used more and more is 3D printing. This process is booming because of the many production possibilities.” Continue>>

A 3D Printed Car is Coming Sooner Than You Think

“While the concepts are still in exploratory stages, the advent of the 3D printed house and the 3D printed car is already at hand.” Continue>>

These Biodegradable Shoe Prototypes can be Custom Ordered and 3D Printed

“For shoes, 3D-printing may be the next logical step.” Continue>>

Written by AccuData Integrated Marketing